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Hi, I have a server machine that is running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. I set up a mysql server there. Now I want to access this mysql server from my laptop. I used the following command, > mysql -h -u davidehs -p I found if the firewall on the server machine is running, I can not connect the mysql server from my laptop.

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I am confident this is a Norton issue based on the fact if I disable the "Smart Firewall" I am able to connect the remote assistance from the internet. Also, I can create a top level firewall rule that allows all incoming and outgoing traffic to all ports and this also works (however this defeats the purpose of having a firewall).

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Normally firewalls and ports are only necessary for remote access to something from another network. This is normally a chore of discovering the protocol you are using for remote access and then setting up a port forwarding rule on the firewall so that it can make it to the destination. For regular LAN use no firewall configurations are necessary.Client-centric security based on consulting & assessing risk. We’re here to help make your world a safer place. We do this by combining expertise in on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security and experience in fire and safety. Our track record in corporate risk management adds further expertise. However, it requires RDP to the server and clicks several places to bring up the following firewall table. I found the PowerShell cmdlets, but none of them can bring the same result as what I need on the above table. The only information I need are the firewall rule name, Remote Address, Protocol, and the Local Port.

In Windows Defender Firewall, click Advanced settings. Click Inbound rules > New rule. In the Rule type step, select Port, and then click Next. In the Protocol and ports step, select Specific local ports and provide the port you specified for the examiner workstation. Click Next. In the Action step, click Allow the connection, and then click Next.RFC 6763 DNS-Based Service Discovery February 2013 firewall where no DNS Update keys are required, zero-configuration operation may be achieved by simply having the device register its services in a default registration domain learned from the network (see Section 11, "Discovery of Browsing and Registration Domains"), but this is the exception and usually security credentials will be required ...